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Similarly Expressed Gene Search (SET Search)

Enter Gene Symbol, Gene ID and search similarly expressed gene.

Gene Search

Step by step instructions for viewing 3D-maps with VCAT

  1. Download VCAT.
  2. Enter Gene Symbol or Gene ID and search to download a zipped file.

    ViBrism Data Download

    NOTE: Please unzip to find three files;
    AX_0000#.vcat, E80_0000#.vcat and M80_0000#.msk
    :unzipped file size is over 200MB in total
  3. Open VCAT and import either file. The Quick Manual is here.
    a Whole Brain Mode:AX_0000#.vcat
    a Virtual Brain Dissection Mode:E80_0000#.vcat
  4. 3D-Anatomical image files and Sampling Templates are available.
    file size:zipped 25MB and 3MB, unzipped to be 100MB and 300MB. respectively. t